Michigan's We Came As Romans to begin recording first album since vocalist Kyle Pavone's death

Pavone died of accidental overdose in 2018

(L-R) Joshua Moore, Lou Cotton, Eric Choi, Kyle Pavone, Andy Glass, and Dave Stephens of We Came As Romans attend the 2015 Journeys AP Music Awards. (Photo by Duane Prokop/Getty Images)

TROY, Mich. – We Came As Romans plan to soon start recording music for their first album since vocalist Kyle Pavone's death last August, and they say some of his work will be on the record.

Pavone died at 28 of an accidental overdose. Shortly after his death, the band announced that they would continue on without replacing him.

Co-vocalist Dave Stephens took on Pavone's role, allowing the band from Troy, Michigan to play shows last fall and embark on a tour in early 2019.

Dave Stephens, of We Came As Romans, performs in Detroit in October 2018, just months after vocalist Kyle Pavone's death. (Photo: Aubree Stamper)

Stephens told Billboard the group has been writing music while they are on tour, in preparation to record a new album this summer. He said Pavone's death will be addressed in the music.

"I love that we're going into the studio with so much to write about and something that hits home for all of us so hard," Stephens told Billboard. "We've never had something so terrible happen, and I think it's going to be therapeutic to write about it and be together and go through the whole process. I'm actually really looking forward to it."

Stephens also said the album may contain material Pavone worked on before he died. He said he thinks Pavone gave guitarist Lou Cotton some of his writing, and the guys are going to try to get on Pavone's laptop to see what is on there.

"We would love to include him in this record as much as we can, aside from just writing about him," Stephens told Billboard.

The band is touring with Crown the Empire, Erra and Shvpes until the end of this month.

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