Rediscovering one of the worst vehicles of all time: the 1899 Horsey Horseless

Did something so ridiculous actually exist or was it a joke?

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A drawing with unknown origins and a few "worst of" lists are all that's left of the 1899 Horsey Horseless. Yes, it's just as stupid looking as its name.

The 1899 Horsey Horseless was the brainchild of one-time Battle Creek resident Uriah Smith -- an author, editor, Seventh-Day Adventist church leader and inventor.

Basically, it was supposed to be a buggy with a horsehead attached to the front of it.

There's no record of the Horsey Horseless ever being actually built but its existence has been spread on Internet forums and lists. I was a little skeptical as no one really had any information about it.

This Snopes (a popular website dedicated to debunking urban legends and those silly chain emails you get) forum post back in 2008 had people speculating if it even existed.

I wanted to dig a little bit deeper so the first idea I had was to look at some old auto magazines.

After some stumbling around on Google Books, I came across this old article entitled "The Motor Car Back in ‘99" from "Motor Travel: A Magazine for Automobile Owners."

The article states: