General Motors CEO Mary Barra addresses company's future plans

Barra speaks to Automotive Press Association

DETROIT – General Motors CEO Mary Barra spoke to the Automotive Press Association Monday at the Gem Theatre in Detroit. She spoke about a variety of topics, including the future of GM.

Barra described the company as innovative, responsible and transformative, saying it creates new technology for current and future cars, prioritizes safety and leads the world in electric and self-driving innovation.

"(It's)natural to look at where the world is going and what we think the auto industry needs to do," Barra said.

All signs at GM point to electric and autonomous vehicles. Barr said she'd like to see GM's first self-driving cars on the road by 2019.

GM's vision for the future is to have no crashes, no emissions and no congestion, but it doesn't mean the four current core brands are being neglected.

Barra talked a lot about technology 10 years from now, but she said she's excited about technology two months from now. She didn't have an announcement to make.

She also spoke about current events such as the tax reform bill and how it could affect GM. She said despite losing a car-buying tax credit, it's good for business and America.

Barra weighed in on the sexual harassment allegations around the country, saying the national conversation is vital and that she hopes the country gets to a point in which it's not acceptable.

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