High demand for Ford Ranger trucks has Wayne assembly employees working overtime

Ranger customers waiting months to get their trucks as workers put in overtime

WAYNE, Mich. – We keep hearing about an auto industry downturn, but don't tell that to Wayne assembly line workers who are already working plenty of overtime.

Ford told Local 4 there's no end in sight.

The 2019 Ford Ranger was unveiled at last year's auto show to much fanfare. The company started shipping the truck in January, and to say there's pent-up demand is an understatement.

The Wayne plant used to build Ford Focuses, but it shut down last year between May and October for the Ranger changeover. Line workers got plenty of rest then, but they're making up for that now.

The paint and stamping plants on the 369-acre site, which has 5 million square feet of factory space, are working two shifts a day.

In January, employees started working Saturdays in the assembly area -- a sixth day with overtime -- and that's going to last for the foreseeable future, possibly until the end of the year, because of the demand, officials said.

UAW Local 900 President Dwayne Walker is happy for his 2,800 members.

"Anytime you can put workers in there, it helps the community and you look forward to that, you know, and Southeast Michigan deserves it -- this area in particular," Walker said.

The Ranger might be one of the hottest-selling vehicles in years. Some customers said they put in orders and have to wait two to three months to get their trucks.

Right now, the trucks aren't even lasting on dealer lots, Ford officials said.

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