Report: Canada, US extend border restrictions to Aug. 21

Stock image/ Raymond Boyd (Getty Images)

TORONTO, Ontario – The U.S. and Canada are extending an agreement to keep their shared border closed to non-essential travel to Aug. 21, according to a report from CTV News.

UPDATE -- Aug. 14 -- Canada, US border closure extended again

The agreement extends the closure by another 30 days. The restrictions were announced on March 18 and were extended in April, May and June.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had said earlier this week that a decision on the border would be announced “in the coming days.”

“We’re going to continue to work hard to keep Canadians safe and to keep our economies flowing and we will have more to say later this week,” Trudeau said.

Most Canadians have been fearing a reopening. The U.S. has more confirmed cases and deaths from COVID-19 than any country in the world while Canada has flattened the epidemic curve.

Essential cross-border workers like healthcare professionals, airline crews and truck drivers are still permitted to cross. Truck drivers are critical as they move food and medical goods in both directions. Much of Canada’s food supply comes from or via the U.S.

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