Jim Kiertzner: Success brings success, thanks dad!


DETROIT – My father passed away some 20 years ago, but I'll always remember how proud he was of his son, me. Eventually. It took a while.

Fathers and sons share a bond that success should follow success.  Failure is not an option.

I grew up in Sioux City, Iowa, and was working in local TV news there while going to college.  My first jobs were behind the scenes but later I moved in front of the camera doing reporting and morning anchor.

Arlo Kiertzner was all business as a stockbroker and pushed me to major in Business Administration in college.  He was doubtful about any news career or TV.

However, that changed when he would call on clients and they would ask him, "are you related to that Jim Kiertzner who works on channel 9"? 

He then decided I could be a success in my own chosen career path and I had his support and admiration.

Rest in peace, dad.  You and mom did instill in me success, confidence, a work hard ethic and enough freedom to find my own way.

And I am working every day to instill those same qualities in my daughter who has graduated from Michigan State University and will be going to grad school this fall.