Michigan group helping keep hero dogs safe

'Fido Bag' given free of charge to dogs working with police, military


DETROIT – Local 4 First at 4 on Friday introduced everyone to Sgt. Jig, a specially bred, recently retired military service dog that has had several tours of duty to Afghanistan as a bomb-making sniffing dog. 

He spent important years, sniffing out places where improvised explosive devices were being assembled. He now lives with Tracy Spader, and together, the two are working to put bags together for Sgt Jig's fellow canine comrades that are still in service. 


The Fido bag is stocked with specialized items that can extend the life of a service dog if injured in the line of duty. 

Police dogs, accelerant sniffing fire dogs, bomb sniffing dogs, search and rescue dogs, and yes, military dogs from Michigan to Afghanistan, and all points in between, are given these bags free of charge. But they cost Tracy and Sgt Jig about $250 dollars a piece. 


If you're interested in 'adopting' a Fido bag or learning more about K9 Defender Fund, they'd like to hear from you: http://k9defenderfund.org/


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