Lauren Podell wins Favorite Female Personality of the Year award


DETROIT – Sports Radio Detroit is an online radio station dedicated to everything sports in the D. Roger Castillo and Mike Morland started the online station to give people interested in media a platform to get started.

Last year they launched a contest, Favorite Female Personality of the Year, with a March Madness twist. It featured 32 hard-working women of Detroit in the fields of radio, TV, and print media. Last year the contest generate 14,000 votes – this year over 350,000 votes came in over a 22 day span

In the end it came down to Allyson from 96.3 and Local 4's Lauren Podell.

Lauren Podell was named the winner on Saturday.

"It was great that finally it came to an end because it is a lot of work too in the sense of 22 days putting this together it's a lot of work from a lot of people," said Mike Morland of Sports Radio Detroit. "Congratulations on winning, Detroit loves you."

"I mean the second that voting went live, it's just votes started rolling in and we didn't quite realize how quickly people were just waiting."