Online pledge to stop Thanksgiving shopping

Social media pledge has many reconsidering Black Friday shopping


DETROIT – A Facebook pledge from 2013 is picking up steam in a renewed effort that's asking families to reconsider their holiday shopping on Thanksgiving. 

"Say No to Shopping on Thanksgiving," popped up online after the popular department store, Macy's, announced in 2013 that its more than 800 stores would be open for the first time on Thanksgiving night.

The Facebook page supporting the pledge is now popular among customers, saying that people need to spend time with their families on the holiday instead of leaving home earlier to get a jump on Christmas shopping.

Since coming back to the news feed of Facebook users this week, the pledge has received more than 30,000 likes and 65,000 shares.

Stores like J.C. Penney, Kmart, Toys R Us, and Walmart will be open for shoppers Thanksgiving night. Other stores like, Costco, Nordstrom, and T.J. Maxx will remain closed for the holiday.