2nd Annual Walk for Hope led by Judge Berg

Berg shot outside home while taking out trash

DETROIT – Last year, Federal Judge Terrence Berg was in a wheelchair. This year, he bounded up to the lectern at Gesu Parish in Detroit's University District and welcomed dozens of neighbors, parishioners and friends to the second Walk for Hope.

Berg was taking the trash out last year at his University District home when he was shot in the leg by two men who tried to rob him.

The wound was serious, but Berg didn't want what happened to him to be used as a negative against the city.

Berg came last March for the first Walk for Hope to end gun violence, even if it meant being in a wheelchair. This year, while he told Local 4 News he's not in marathon-running form, he's doing so much better and was up and moving around well.

"I think we saw how wonderful it was when a community comes together," Berg said, which is why the Walk for Hope was back again this year.

Dozens came out to rally to end gun violence with Berg and his wife, Anita, right out front.

"We say it over and over, but community matters, having hope matters. What a difference a year makes," she said.

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