Kelly Stafford reveals the struggle it took to have her twin daughters

Tonight on Local 4 News at 11: Watch Bernie's candid interview with the new mom

DETROIT – Matthew and Kelly Stafford have talked about their experience having twin girls. Now, Lions fans are clamoring for more. Kelly Stafford is back tonight on Local 4 News at 11 to share her candid thoughts with Bernie on how her life has been forever changed.

The pair is still adjusting to the hectic life of new parents, but Kelly has one thing figured out: she never goes into the girls’ bedroom when they are sleeping. “You don’t want to risk waking them,” she laughs.

Kelly will also reveal the complicated “play” that she and Matthew had to run to score these beautiful baby girls. “We actually did IVF,” Kelly said. “We struggled.”

Now, while the struggle of conceiving is over, the challenges of parenthood are only beginning. Watch at 11 to see how the Lions quarterback and his wife are handling their own personal game-changers.