Children find forever homes at special National Adoption Day event in Mt. Clemens

Genevieve Lukasiewicz officially adopts new son

MT. CLEMENS, Mich. – Local 4 got a chance to go inside the courtroom where several families had their adoptions made official on National Adoption Day.

The proceedings are typically closed to the public, but it was a special occasion. Genevieve Lukasiewicz and Aiden became mother and son Tuesday at a special adoption hearing.

"(I feel) very good, like it's the best day ever," Lukasiewicz said.

Similar proceedings were held across the country Tuesday, including in Mt. Clemens. Lukasiewicz said Aiden has changed her life dramatically.

"He's been with me about three years, and having him and loving him has changed my life," Lukasiewicz said. "He's made me a better person. I've learned a lot about myself I didn't know and he really makes my family complete."

"Personally, it's exhilarating," adoption supervisor Mark Pellecchia said. "To see them finally find that forever family and to have that forever family is amazing."

Pellecchia explained that there are children like Aiden looking for a forever home across the country. Without help, some might not get a home before they age.

"They're great kids," Pellecchia said. "Through no fault of their own they just end up in the system. They're no different than any of your other children. They're just looking for a home."

Aiden is one of the children who has find their forever home.

"He brights laughter," Lukasiewicz said. "He brings a lot of love and adventure. Things I never thought I'd enjoy. He makes everything a lot more fun."

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