Center Line schools delivering breakfast, lunch to bus stops amid coronavirus suspension

School officials make sure students in need get fed

CENTER LINE, Mich. – With schools closed for the next few weeks, officials with Center Line Public Schools are taking unprecedented action to make sure students in need are fed.

You won’t find any children on school buses for the next couple of week, but schools are still finding ways to help students.

Members of the Center Line Public Schools kitchen staff are packing up buses at Peck Elementary School and hitting the road to deliver food to students.

“We have packed over 1,000 meals throughout our district for breakfast and lunch, and we are going to distribute them via bus route,” food service director Theresa Elya said.

Workers were unsure how many students would come for meals, but they were ready. The turnout was overwhelming.

“I could cry right now, but I’m going to hold it in because I have kids of my own, so I know how hard it is when you don’t know when the kids are going to get something to eat,” said Latoya Martin, who helps in the Peck Elementary School kitchen.

Children and parents lined up at each bus stop, ready to get their meals for the day.

While some of the students might not be starving at home, it certainly helped mothers who are unable to get enough groceries to feed their family.

“I went shopping last night and the shelves are bare,” mother Shanita Butler said.

The district will continue the service while schools are closed, even delivering multiple meals on Friday to keep the children fed throughout the weekend.

“I’m getting so much joy out of this, seeing the kids happy that they get to eat,” bus driver Gina Pirrone said.

Center Line is just one district doing something to help students while school is suspended, but there are many, many more.

The district served 805 meals Monday, so they plan to prep 1,500 for Tuesday in anticipation of more families taking advantage of the opportunity.

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