Birmingham food workers keep children fed during coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis

Workers feeding people from any community

BIRMINGHAM, Mich. – Food workers in Birmingham are volunteering tirelessly to help keep children fed during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The workers say it doesn’t matter where you’re from because we’re all one community and they’re going to serve you. THey’re working to provide a bit of joy while serving food.

During a normal school year, Patty Guck, the food service director for Birmingham schools, and her team would be preparing healthy meals for children in the district. But schools are closed because of the coronavirus, so her team is preparing healthy meals for everybody.

THey’re making up to 1,000 meals per day, feeding people from any community. Guck said in her view, we’re all in the same community now.

To hear from Guck and watch Steve Garagiola’s full story, click the video posted above.

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