How Canton teen’s ‘Detroit Socks’ is helping less fortunate

CANTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. – This morning for Your Neighborhood we head on over to Canton Township, where we re-introduce you to a young man that we’ve featured on our show for a different segment.

He’s making a difference with something we wear every day. Socks!

“I wanted to help out in the community a lot and I found out through my mom that socks are the most needed thing for homeless people and homeless shelters,” said 17-year-old Joey Dattilio.

For the past two years Joey has made it his mission to give back. He’s the president and CEO of Detroit Socks, a non profit he created to collect and donate socks to Metro Detroit’s less fortunate.

"It gives me a great feeling to be able to help people," he said. "This was something that I could do."

We first met Joey during Rhonda’s Brag Book segment mid-February. To date, Joey has proudly passed out more than 10,000 pairs of sock and likely just as many hugs from those who need them the most.

"It's a very cool feeling,” said Joey. “It's very rewarding and it really makes me feel like I'm making a difference."

And he certainly is. As he continues to do good for Detroit's homeless population he continues pushing forward with his goal.

"Just to give as many people pairs of socks as I can," he added.

Joey raises money for the socks by returning bottles and cans from friends and family members which as of June 15 he can continue to do. Donations help too and he’s raised about $10,000 since he first started the non profit.

If you’d like more information on Detroit Socks please visit: https://joeysdetroitsocks.org/

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