‘Detroit Is Us’ aims to capture the true story of Detroit and its people

Campaign aims to amplify, celebrate Black voices

'Detroit Is Us' aims to capture the true story of Detroit and its people.
'Detroit Is Us' aims to capture the true story of Detroit and its people.

DETROIT – It’s no secret that Detroiters are proud of their city, the culture, the history and the people. There’s a campaign that will help Detroiters tell their story.

“Right at the beginning of August, a group of community influencers, businesses, people, as well as the young people, came together, and they decided with our marketing team as well as our research team, and decided that the campaign name for Own Your Story Detroit be called Detroit Is Us,” said Jason Rivers with Tandem Ed.

Rivers said they’re helping people in Detroit, the great Motor City, tell their chapter and tell their story. The title ‘Detroit is Us,’ “Really focusing on the legacy and greatness of Detroit and making that strong statement that Detroit is ours.”

Rivers said the 12 month process is a campaign that will select ambassadors that will help capture, celebrate and protect the stories of Black people, “Many refer it as the Mecca, what does it mean for Detroiters to own that, all of the beauty, the brilliance, the greatness that is possessed.”

Those stories will focus on the three different pillars, wealth creation or creating jobs, mental and physical health and advocate for blackness. The best part, Rivers said, they are starting a $100,000 community fund that will support existing and future community led projects aligned with the ‘Detroit is Us’ theme.

“At the end of this process, we will be leaving $100,000 within the community for individuals who have an idea a thought they want to work on," Rivers said.

More information can be found on the official Tandem Em Detroit is Us page here.

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