Detroit donut business partners with Rising Stars Academy for reboot

Dilla’s Delights closed due to coronavirus pandemic

DETROIT – Dilla’s Delights donuts shop is a Detroit favorite and homespun love story.

From the loss of the late iconic Detroit-born rapper J-Dilla, Herman “Uncle Herm” Hayes turned a favorite confection into a way to spread sweetness with something tangible. And when Rising Stars Academy and Dilla Delights Donuts decided to partner, only something wonderful could come of it.

Hayes teaches Rising Stars students the art and craft of donut making and he can relate to their struggles. After years in business, Dilla’s Delights closed its doors when the pandemic hit in March, keeping it permanently closed in January.

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“Detroit’s a brutal town for donuts and progressive donuts and a healthier type donut,” Hayes said “We use 100% organic flour, we fry in rice grain oil and we try to use the healthiest ingredients as possible.”

“The story is us teaching out kids crafts that we’ve learned, the business side and how to market that but for these kids that they may have an opportunity if we expand the business and build a business that these students can get employed working with us at Dilla’s,” said Mark Prentiss with Rising Stars Academy.

It is week one of the Dilla’s reboot, and it’s been a little bit of a shocker for the students.

“It looks pretty interesting...” Rising Stars student Josh said.

“Success is not necessarily accolades and monetary things,” Hayes said.

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