Detroit Heals Detroit unveils new ‘Healing Hub’ set to empower youth, help with trauma

Trauma center now open for business

Detroit Heals Detroit (Detroit Heals Detroit)

DETROIT – A Detroit nonprofit has opened its trauma healing facility on the city’s east side.

The Detroit Heals Detroit has opened the Healing Hub, dedicated to helping the city’s youth to heal from any experienced trauma.

The nonprofit was founded in 2018 by students from Detroit Collegiate High School and an English teacher.

The facility is set to serve as a safe space for young Detroiters who want to address and overcome trauma. Some initiatives to help the healing process are healing circles, book clubs, and community initiatives like cleanups, gardens, and more. The Healing Hub will also offer tutoring, printing facilities, catering, and clothes cleaning services.

“We aspire to create opportunities for our peers to access healing, literacy, liberation, and new possibilities,” President of Detroit Heals Detroit Brianna Donald said in a statement.

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