'LivesOn' app will do the tweeting for you after you die

'When your heart stops beating, you'll keep tweeting'

Are you a Twitter addict? Well, we may have found an app that will fuel your addiction - even in your afterlife.

A new app called ‘LivesOn' will soon allow users to keep posting Twitter updates from beyond the grave.


According to RT.com, using knowledge of your online persona, LivesOn will create a virtual continuation of your personality after you die.

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"When your heart stops beating, you'll keep tweeting," says the new app's dark tagline.

The LivesOn app, which is scheduled to launch in March, will use an advanced analysis of your Twitter feed to select subjects that would have been likely to interest you and post them in under your Twitter handle for your friends to read.

A user chooses a "super administrator," or someone who can access their DeadSocial account after they cease to be. This administrator can "untick" the account to indicate you've died, but won't be able to change the pre-prepared messages, which will then be sent out according to plan.

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