Scammers targeting homeowners, the elderly this season

Scams to beware of this fall

DETROIT – This fall, scammers are targeting homeowners, the elderly and those wanting to help after hurricanes wrecked havoc in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico.

Charity scams are huge right now. A caller will claim to be with a reputable charity to get personal information that they can use to steal their victim's identity.

To avoid this scam, if you plan on donating, pick a charity, donate on a secure website and never give personal information over the phone.

Another scam that is common this fall targets the elderly. A person will call pretending to be the victim's child or grandchild. By playing on emotions, they attempt to get the victim to send them money or get personal information.

With cold weather nearing, snow removal scams are popular. In this scam, a company will get a victim to sign a contract and pay for snow removal services in full, only to not remove the snow come winter.

There are many legitimate snow removal companies, but be cautious of companies that demand full payment upfront or want a contract signed. 

Also, beware of pavers trying to fit in jobs before winter. Scammers will offer to repair a driveway, only to put on a cheap layer of sealer and make off with a victim's money.

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