Detroit apartment tenants evicted, have 30 days to move

Some speculate a new owner is taking over


DETROIT – Tenants at a Detroit apartment complex are being evicted with a short amount of time to relocate.

There's speculation that a new owner is taking over the Park Avenue House Apartments and many of the residents are low income.

The building's prime location is in the heart of downtown Detroit, which makes it a target for developers.

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan said what's happening to the residents is not fair. He's upset with how people who live in the building are being treated.

"I'm just appalled that this could happen in Detroit," Duggan said. "When you treat long time Detroiters this way nobody in city government is going to be welcoming you to town and the behavior needs to change immediately."

The apartment complex offers lower rent to those who are lower income. The property was owned for many years by Sean Harrington, owner of Town Pump Center.

There is speculation that the apartment building has just been sold. Tenants who have lived there for decades are clutching eviction notices. Their days there are numbered and their future is uncertain.

Duggan won't name the new developer, but he said it's not Gilbert or Illitch. He hasn't been able to reach Harrington.

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