Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan helps residents suddenly evicted from downtown apartment

Tenants at Detroit's Park Avenue House Apartments told to move out quickly


DETROIT – Dozens of people who have lived in a Detroit apartment building for years are getting help from the mayor after the landlord served them eviction notices.

Tenants at Detroit's Park Avenue House Apartments were stunned last month when they learned they needed to move out.

Rumors of a sale caused the building's owner to move quickly, working to get longtime residents out. Since then, Mayor Mike Duggan's office has been working to make sure the residents are being treated fairly.

The building in the heart of Downtown Detroit is in the process of changing ownership. The current owner worked last month to force everyone out, and that didn't sit well with Duggan.

The mayor's office is slowing down the eviction process and working with tenants to find new homes.

Local 4 has contacted the building owner, Sean Harrington, on several occasions, but he has chosen not to comment.

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