Pillsbury brings back mouth-watering hot cocoa rolls with marshmallow icing for the holidays

Christmas morning breakfast is served


Is there anything better than waking up on Christmas morning to the intoxicating smell of cinnamon rolls in the oven, waiting for you to devour after opening up presents? 

The correct answer is no, but Pillsbury just brought back a holiday favorite treat that trumps any cinnamon roll out there -- the incredible delicious hot cocoa rolls with marshmallow icing are back just in time for Christmas morning. Heck, we'd eat them any morning in the month of December. 

These puffy and delicious rolls are a little bit different than your standard cinnamon roll, though. For one, there is no cinnamon. It's replaced with a hot cocoa filling that probably tastes just like the hot cocoa mix that you would find in a Swiss Miss packet. 

Next up is the icing, which as we mentioned earlier, is a marshmallow icing that sounds like it should be illegal in 39 states due to deliciousness overload. I mean, what else would you put on a warm hot cocoa bun? 

The website Junk Bater reviewed the breakfast treat and said the icing is the best part and tastes like the marshmallows you'd find in a box of Lucky Charms, which sounds both horrifying and incredibly amazing all at the same time. If you're feeling that you might be on the edge of becoming obsessed with these rolls, you are not alone. 

The addicting breakfast treat can be found for a limited time at Walmart, Target, Kroger and most likely other chain grocery stores. Just make sure you stock up before they're all gone. 


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