Scammers target personal information of online shoppers during Amazon Prime Day

Reports emerge about new scams targeting shoppers

DETROIT – Amazon Prime deals are continuing to roll out Tuesday, but now the scammers are moving in.

There are reports of new scams targeting shoppers as thieves try to steal personal information.

The sales from Prime Day are huge, as is the online traffic. The Amazon Prime shopping boom breaks records, and thieves see that as an opportunity.

Overnight, Local 4's Help Me Hank learned about two new Prime-related scams.

Some Prime members are receiving emails asking them to verify credit card information related to recent purchases. Customers should call Amazon directly with questions or concerns.

Prime members are also receiving text messages and phone calls asking them to verify a home address for delivery. Officials said this is another potential scam.

Amazon officials said they will not reach out to customers via text message to confirm personal information.

Some product reviews are also coming under fire. Experts advise checking multiple review sites before deciding on a purchase.

Amazon officials said they're aware of the new scams targeting shoppers. Warning information can be found on the Amazon site.

Police are investigating the reported scams, but said tracking down the people responsible is challenging.