Should you consider canceling your spring break trip because of the coronavirus?

Travel experts advise being prepared for trips

DETROIT – If you have spring break plans coming up, you might be thinking about canceling your trip because of the coronavirus outbreak, but first you should hear from experts about your concerns.

Travel experts said avoiding the coronavirus is all about being prepared. When it comes to traveling, think of the outbreak like the flu and make plans to stay healthy, officials said.

Fears are running high and travelers are scared of catching the coronavirus, no matter where they’re heading or when they’re going.

It’s always important to check travel warnings. Watch level one means practice usual precautions. Alert level two means practice enhanced precautions. Warning level three means avoid nonessential travel. Level four means do not travel.

Anyone concerned about an international trip should check the country’s destination page, but when it comes to traveling within the United States, David Fishman, of Cadillac Travel, said don’t be overly concerned about catching the virus.

Instead, treat it like you would the flu, he said. Take a wipe to your seat on the airplane and clean off your area. Take vitamins and medications that will keep your immune system healthy. Wash your hands constantly. Turn off the fan above your seat to keep the air from circulating to your face.

Fishman said travel insurance is more important than ever before.

If you really want to cancel a trip, call the airline, hotels and tour operators. Ask for a refund, a change in destination or a credit to go on a later date after the the coronavirus outbreak calms down.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a travel health page dedicated to travel warnings for anyone traveling to other countries besides China. Check that page if you have an international trip upcoming.

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