What Delta Airlines is doing to continue protecting passengers from COVID-19

Help Me Hank takes flight to see what it's like during pandemic

DETROIT – At a time when passengers are worried about others wearing masks and flights being too crowded, Local 4 got a firsthand look at how Delta Airlines is keeping everyone safe from the coronavirus (COVID-19).

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Help Me Hank took a flight from Detroit to Denver to get a taste of the process.

The first things travelers will notice in the terminal are the hand sanitizer stations set up all around.

Downstairs at the McNamara Terminal, there were only a handful of people around when Hank took his trip. He was the only person going through security upstairs in the TSA pre-check line.

Items are placed in a tray that has a protective coating to help reduce germs.

Once through security, the terminal had average crowds. The good news was that everyone Hank saw was wearing a mask.

Some gates are closed and nobody is around at the areas of the lower- or higher-numbered gates. Many of the stores and restrooms in the terminal are also closed.

Cleaning crews are all around in the terminal.

At the gate, a protective shield is in place to separate travelers from the Delta gate agent.

While walking on the plane, passengers are handed a sanitizing wipe.

Delta keeps middle seats open, and flights can be around half full.

Before the safety video ran, a new video played, showing what Delta is doing to protect passengers from the coronavirus. That includes electrostatic spraying in the aircraft before each flight, a limited number of people on board and a filtration system to circulate and clean the air.

You can watch the video of Hank Winchester’s trip above.

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