Last-minute holiday shopping: Contactless options amid COVID concerns

COVID concerns rise ahead of holidays

For those last-minute holiday shoppers: Here are some contactless options for those concerned about the high COVID-19 numbers.

With COVID concerns rising just days before Christmas, last-minute shoppers may be looking for contactless options to avoid going into crowded stores.

For those who still have some shopping to do for the holidays, some stores are offering curbside pickup so that it’s not necessary to go inside.

“Last-minute shoppers don’t have to actually go into the store to get those gifts at the final hour,” said Andrea Woroch, money saving expert. “You can still shop online and take advantage of those online-only deals ... and pick up curbside, or ... go into the customer service desk. Otherwise, curbside is a great option.

“Retailers are ramping up to have more customer service available ... but for yourself, be smart: Go when the store first opens up, place the order the night before or try to go during less busy times -- so, early morning or late night. That would be the best and fastest option for you,” she added.

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Stores inside of local malls, like the Somerset Collection, are offering contactless shopping options. Shoppers can order their items online, and then roll up to the store and pick them up outside.

This is also a good time to think of small businesses. Many local retailers are also offering opportunities for curbside pickup, while some are offering home deliveries.

“Don’t overlook the small, local businesses,” Woroch said. “Call and find out if they have curbside, you might be able to purchase something over the phone or maybe make the transaction curbside.”

Stores like Target, Walmart and Meijer all have options for shoppers to either pick gifts up curbside, or have the gifts delivered.

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