‘Spring Black Friday’: Retailers offering spring break deals

Deals available in stores, online, especially for outdoor gear

Now that spring has sprung, retailers are working to get you back into their stores by offering Black Friday-style deals during spring break season.

Stores like Lowes and Home Depot are getting their summer inventory ready with products like patio furniture and grills. Before it gets hot outside, expect some hot deals inside.

“You will find discounts on things like patio furniture, lawn mowers, grills, all the stuff people want to start buying this time of year,” said Kristin McGrath, shopping expert with BlackFriday.com.

When we think of Black Friday, we typically think of the huge shopping day after Thanksgiving -- but retailers want your attention and your money this spring, so sales are popping up now.

“Spring Black Friday sales are basically a time when a lot of outdoor and seasonal things are on sale at the same time,” McGrath said. “It’s a lot more chill than November Black Friday. You’re not going to have to go racing down the aisles for a television, that’s for sure.”

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Department stores are also pushing big deals, with Macy’s offering up to 50% off winter clothing and 15%-25% off summer clothes. Old Navy and Target are also offering clothing deals.

There are also deals online. Wayfair and Amazon.com are offering deals on all things summer, from bikes to fire pits.

“Definitely, if you’re shopping online, pay attention to how much shipping is going to cost. Make sure you reach that free shipping threshold -- it’s different for every store -- to make sure you’re not paying a cent more than you have to,” McGrath said. “If you are making a smaller purchase, or maybe the store doesn’t offer free shipping, a lot of stores these days offer in-store pickups, so you can skip those shipping charges, and it’s just a little more effort to go get your stuff the same day.”

Before you buy anything, whether it’s in stores or online, look for discounts. Many apps like RetailMeNot and Dosh help you save even more.

“Any time you can try to stack a promo code or a coupon code on top of any savings that you’re getting, that can be really smart and take the bite out of inflation just a little bit,” McGrath said. “I’m also a big fan of cash-back shopping, where you can click through and shop as you normally would, but earn a little cash back.”

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