Affordable options for Thanksgiving in Metro Detroit

DETROIT – Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce and gravy -- we all love a classic Thanksgiving meal. Cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year will be more expensive than it was before the pandemic, despite lower turkey prices. According to shopping expert Andrea Woroch, consumers will spend 28% more on average on Thursday’s holiday meal than they did four years ago. Given that it will take hours to prepare the meal, it might just be easier and more cost-effective to buy the holiday dinner.

“Since it’s an expensive time of year, you’re spending more on gifts and other seasonal activities, stretching your dollars and finding any bit of savings is really important and there are easy ways to cut down on your grocery spending without sacrificing,” Woroch said.

Several grocery stores, markets and local restaurants are offering affordable meal bundle options that might help ease stress and the burden on people’s wallets. Kroger is selling 14–16-pound turkeys along with other Thanksgiving essentials ­­­‑‑ potatoes, yams, corn, pies and more -- at a deal that will cost around $50 dollars for ten people.

Target is doing something similar, with a meal for 4 running $24. The bundle includes a 10-pound Premium Turkey, along with potatoes cranberries and soup. Holiday Market, Papa Joe’s, Busch’s Market and Lafayette Foods are all offering discounted meal bundles right now, too. If you’re looking to feed a smaller crowd – or just yourself – some restaurants are selling individual Thanksgiving meals for takeout. Ernie’s, for example, is selling single meals for $35. You’ll have to place those orders soon if you’re interested in a cooking-free Thanksgiving.

If you’re still out shopping, though, it’s important to look for deals. Woroch recommends sticking to one store to get rewards, either through cash back or gas incentives for money that you spend there. Some other tips: use apps like Flip to compare grocery store prices, download grocery store apps to get coupons and invite others to share dishes, too.

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