Vice President Mike Pence hosts campaign event near Grand Rapids

Pence talks healthcare, racial tensions, COVID-19 and more

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – United States Vice President Mike Pence will Hosted a “Make America Great Again” campaign event near Grand Rapids Wednesday.

Pence spoke for about an hour in front of 500 supporters. He talked about various topics like coronavirus and healthcare -- just to name a few.

The crowd cheered “Four more years." It was a message Pence echoed Wednesday afternoon at a campaign rally in Grand Rapids. He reiterated how important this election is, “For the people of Michigan and for America, the stakes of this election have never been higher,” said Vice President Mike Pence.

We also discussed the Coronavirus and Racial Tensions in the country. He had this to say to Southeast Michigan voters: “We worked with your Governor and Health Officials across the state to make sure and expand testing, and make sure we surged testing in the minority communities in Detroit early on that was so impacted by the coronavirus," Pence said. “We passed Criminal Justice Reform to correct some historic flaws that particularly impacted our minorities and African American communities.”

Finally, he addressed the national polls and Former Vice President Biden being ahead.

“Get out and take advantage of early voting, if you can, it’s already begun here in Michigan," Pence said. "We encourage people to exercise their right to vote, through an absentee ballot or on election day.”

Pence urged voters to take advantage of the early voting. The election is just weeks away, then voters will decide what’s to come the next four years.

The event took place a few days before an event in Muskegon Saturday where President Donald Trump will speak.


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