How to start rock climbing


Do you ever drive by large rock formations and think, “I’d really like to climb up that?” Or see a climbing wall in a fitness center or store and really have the urge to test your skills? If so, rock climbing might be a good activity for you.


However, rock climbing isn’t a sport you can just walk out your front door and go try. It takes some preparation and training.


To start, if there is an indoor rock climbing facility near you, stop in and book a couple of lessons. The experienced trainers can help you figure out the equipment and show you how to climb, all in a safe and secure environment.


If you live near natural cliffs, do some research and see if there is a local climbing club or instructors who can help teach you the sport. They can also help teach you the terminology.


When choosing an instructor, make sure the person is qualified. The American Mountain Guides Association has a list of all certified guides and programs. Do some research and reach out to one of those clubs or instructors.


Once you’ve set up for first lessons, then it’s time to focus on the equipment. Some of the necessary equipment you will need include: shoes, a harness, belay device and locking carabiner, and a helmet.


When going out on your first climb, make sure to pack plenty of water and snacks to keep you fueled for the day.