Roseville teacher's new program encourages good deeds from students


ROSEVILLE, Mich. – Roseville High School marketing teacher Jeff Verkeyn has started a new program to encourage good deeds, and to use the power of social media to see just how far a good deed can travel.

The program is called MADE, or the Make A Difference Experiment.

Here's how it works:

You acquire a bracelet. When you see someone do a good deed you give them your bracelet for them to do the same.

Each bracelet has the Web address www.madetracker.com and a unique identification number imprinted on it. Once a person receives a bracelet, that person can go to the web site and input the identification number and a brief story about the good deed, along with a location. The recipient can then pass the bracelet to another person who does a good deed.

About 750 bracelets are currently in circulation and have showed up across the country, in Italy and in China.

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