Witnesses say baby ruled dead in father's murder trial 6 years ago is still alive

3 people say they saw Bianca Jones alive after she was ruled dead

DETROIT – The Local 4 Defenders are uncovering new revelations in the case of baby Bianca Jones.

Police and prosecutors said Bianca was murdered by her father, D'Andre Lane, in 2012, but now multiple people are coming forward to say she's alive.

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Lane was found guilty of beating Bianca with a stick because she was struggling with toilet training. Prosecutors said the girl's dead body was thrown into a dumpster and would never be found, but three different witnesses said they saw Bianca alive after the time police said she was killed.

Cousin Treveon Lane

Bianca's cousin, Treveon Lane, is one of the witnesses who claims he saw her alive after the time police said she had been killed.

"She was alive when I left her in the morning," Treveon Lane said.

He said D'Andre Lane drove him to school the day after Bianca's reported death and the little girl was in her car seat.

"I believe somebody kidnapped her and she is still alive," Treveon Lane said.

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Police said the story was part of D'Andre Lane's plan.

"He got her dressed," retired Detroit police Officer Lori Dillon said. "The other kids he got ready for school. He told the other kids she was sleeping. He carried her to the car, put her in the car seat, drove the other kids to school, dropped them off and came up with a plan, took some time and got rid of Bianca's body."

Detroit police Officer Niki Gibbs

D'Andre Lane told police he had been carjacked and the abductors took off with Bianca. But eight days later, Detroit police Officer Niki Gibbs was on a domestic trouble call and saw a 2-year-old girl with bushy eyebrows and asked what her name was.

"I said, 'Oh, what's the baby's name?'" Gibbs said. "The lady went like this: 'Dia Dow.' Now, I said, 'Who mispronounces their grandchild's name?'"

The next day, Gibbs was on the computer and saw a missing poster with Bianca's photo on it.

"I'll never forget looking at it, and my mouth just dropped," Gibbs said.

She said she told a couple of friends who were police officers but didn't take any official action for four days. She said homicide officials had already decided the father had killed Bianca.

"I'll never forget the look she (the lady who said "Dia Dow") gave me when I'm telling her this story, and she had a look like this: 'Well, that baby's dead,'" Gibbs said.

The prosecutor who sent D'Andre Lane to prison isn't buying that Bianca is still alive.

"That just doesn't make sense," former Wayne County Assistant Prosecutor Qiana Lillard said. "You're a Detroit police officer. This is the biggest thing that happened in the city of Detroit. Everyone is looking for this little girl."

Private investigator Michael Salisbury

Michael Salisbury is a private investigator appointed by the court to help D'Andre Lane's defense team. He followed up on Gibbs' tip and, nine months after Bianca disappeared, he said he saw her.

"I recognized her right off the bat," Salisbury said.

Salisbury said Bianca was at the same house disguised as a boy with her bushy eyebrows shaven off. He called Lane's attorney.

"When I left, I called Terry, and I told him about it, and he got ahold of some people he knew in the Police Department," Salisbury said. "They went out to the house, but the child I saw was gone."

"This is the first I'm ever hearing of it," Lillard said. "It certainly wasn't brought to my attention."

Police said they interviewed the family and identified the children in the home. None of the children were Bianca.

"I would love to be wrong and say, 'I was wrong. Look at Bianca. She is alive. Oh, my God, I'm so glad I was wrong,'" Lillard said. "I would love for that to happen, but he (D'Andre Lane) made sure that that's never going to happen."

Bianca's mother believes the witnesses. She thinks Bianca is alive.

"My daughter's out there," Banika Jones said. "I'm going to find her. I'm going to bring her home."

Gibbs and Salisbury said Bianca was being cared for, which is why they're adamant she's still alive today and needs to be found. Police said they can't explain the sightings but believe they are either cases of mistaken identity or complete fabrications.

D'Andre Lane was convicted of murder without Bianca's body as evidence. Prosecutors pounded on the fact that his story didn't add up, and the key was testimony from a dog handler whose dog was brought in to sniff Lane's car and Bianca's bedroom and blanket. The Local 4 Defenders will have that story Wednesday on Local 4 News at 5.

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