Digitally altered photo of Beyonce without famous curves appears in press release

Fashion designer Roberto Cavalli altered photos

Photo does not have a caption

Apparently, fashion designer Roberto Cavalli thinks Beyonce is too bootylicious.

A press release was sent out on Tuesday featuring the pop singer in a gorgeous, flowing silk gown with many embellishments and cut-outs that he designed exclusively for the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour.

However, the photo in the release clearly shows the singers natural, voluptuous body had been altered to show an obscenely skinny size, with her thighs nearly as thin as her arms.

The release also included photos from the actual concert, showing the differences in photos. The photo garnered dozens of comments from outraged fans on the Roberto Cavalli Facebook page.

One commentator wrote: "Why would you do such a sketch that clearly doesn't reflect her shape?! I really don't get why brands force women to follow certain kind of body shapes that most people find unattractive. Real Beyonce figure is!"

And another added: "If this is supposed to be a sketch of Beyonce why not actually draw Beyonce instead of some imaginative image which fits the status quo for sickly looking run way models?? She is absolutely gorgeous just the way she is, not as she's represented in that sketch."

Last week, controversy arose between Beyonce and clothing retailer H&M after a photo of the singer appeared to be airbrushed.

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