Detroit-born music producer Key Wane is taking the music industry by storm

Key Wane is taking over your radio, and you might not even know it

Credit: Gregory Taylor
Credit: Gregory Taylor

DETROIT – After working with names like Beyonce, Big Sean and Drake, it seems Key Wane is only getting started.

The Detroit-born hip hop and music producer known for his piano play is quickly gaining credibility in the music game. Not only is Key Wane producing hip hop tracks, he's venturing into pop and R&B. Key Wane is taking over your radio, and you might not even know it. His soulful approach to music production sets him apart from the sometimes flooded pool of music producers, and even with all of the success he's had at the age of 23, he's not planning on leaving behind his bread and butter -- the keys.


"I grew up playing the piano around the age of 12. I don't really see me moving away from it because outside of production, I still love the art of the instrument," Wane said. "I'll just play songs at my place and vibe out all day. The piano is a fine instrument."

Graduating from Detroit's Cass Tech High School, Key Wane became friends with a guy named Sean Anderson, otherwise known as Big Sean. The two were a perfect duo. Key Wane's first known song was "Memories" from Big Sean's third mix tape Finally Famous Vol. 3: BIG. Big Sean recently talked to HipHopDX about working with Key Wane.

"We went to high school together, he was couple years younger than me. I used to joke around with him all the time when we were younger and say his beats weren't tight back then, but now his beats are golden. I am fortunate enough to have him signed under me as my first producer," Big Sean said. "We are gonna make history."

Just last week, Big Sean released "4th Quarter" which was produced by Wane.

"We both have an impact on each other's lives. Also, we make good songs together," Wane says about his relationship with Big Sean.

In 2012, Key Wane graduated from Tennessee State University with a degree in Musical Arts and Sciences. In the same year, he collaborated with other big name artists, including Drake, Trey Songz and Beyonce. In 2013, Drake released a song produced by Wane titled "All Me" featuring 2 Chainz and Big Sean. He also produced the majority of Big Sean's second studio Hall of Fame. Perhaps his biggest collaboration was with Beyonce on a song Yoncé/Partition, he also co-wrote a song called Mine.


Even with these impressive names on his resume, he's not satisfied. "I've connected with new people throughout the years musically and it's good to be in studios bouncing ideas with people who share the same vision," Wane noted. "I want to work with John Williams because I've always wanted to score films."

It's no longer safe to call Key Wane a budding producer and songwriter. Key Wane has established himself as not only the best producer in Detroit, but one of the best in the world. The piano sure is a fine instrument. Check out more great music from Key Wane HERE.

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