Kate Upton on why sex with Justin Verlander after games is a no-no


Kate Upton explained why she doesn't have sex with her Detroit Tigers fiancée Justin Verlander before - or after - his games.

Upton spilled the beans to Andy Cohen on Wednesday night, after a caller asked if she prefers "playing games" with Justin Verlander before or after the games.

"There's no sex before a game—absolutely none," Upton began. "What I've just found out is, if he plays too well, there's no sex after, either."

The reason why? "He's exhausted," she said. "It's kind of a buzzkill for me."

Supermodel Kate Upton was just featured on the cover of "Sports Illustrated" swimsuit issue for the third time.

Upton, who has been labeled "curvy" by industry standards, told CNN in September that she doesn't agree with labels because beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

"I almost think the body is art, everyone's perspective is their own and it comes from their own place," Upton said. "People are naturally tall, short, skinny, curvy, whatever. So I feel like limiting yourself to one label isn't right, you can be everything."

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