1d4 Friends - Todd Haberkorn tells us about his first tattoo and his favorite fans

A chat with voices from 'Attack on Titan', 'Soul Eater', 'Fairy Tale', and more

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DETROIT- A man named George went out and got a Funco Pop figurine of Wonder Woman just before that movie came out. Then, he waited in line for hours until he got Gal Godot to sign it for him. George then gave that signed figure to Todd Haberkorn.

"So how can I not give my all when I'm in the booth?" said Todd, after telling us how much he was astounded by that fan's generosity.

Todd's fan-base comes from taking on roles like Death the Kid in "Soul Eater," Marlo in "Attack on Titan," Natsu Dragneel in "Fairy Tail," and dozens of others. What sets Todd Haberkorn apart, however, is that he's devoted right back. As you can see in the interview above, he's eager to talk about how highly he regards his fans.

Here's some Todd Haberkorn facts, or as he asked us not to call them; "Haberfacts": 

  • Born in Arlington, Texas.
  • First role was Jenath Dira in "AM Driver", 2004.
  • Has a tattoo of his character, Natsu, from "Fair Tail".
  • Got his first tattoo when "Fairy Tail" hit 100 episodes, as part of an agreement with fans.
  • Loves working with Netflix animation, as it means he gets to work with animators very early in the process.

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