Five anime that will make you chuckle

Comedic anime for people who aren't in the mood for all that drama


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There are quite a few anime out there that are all “doom and gloom.” Not bashing on the dramatic, but sometimes it can be a bit draining to sit sobbing on your coach all day. There are times when you’re in the mood to watch something funny, and there are a lot of anime that will fulfill that desire. Here are some anime that I recommend you watch. Because I’m an expert. That’s what I believe at least…


Himouto! Umaru-chan

Umaru is a girl that is beautiful, graceful, intelligent, and perfect in every way. At least that’s what she makes everyone believe. As soon as she enters the apartment that she lives in with her older brother, she turns into a slovenly, game-addicted otaku. She will spend all day and all night sitting in front of the television screen creating a mess of junk food around her, much to the annoyance of her very tidy older brother. Her older brother is the only one who knows of this well-hidden secret, and as soon as anyone else appears in front of her, she reverts back to her perfect persona.

This show is hilarious because there’s a huge contrast with who she pretends to be and who she actually is. Umaru also goes to great lengths to play games and read comics, and it’s all she wants to do. She has come up with the perfect formula for combining different junk foods so that she will have the ultimate snacking experience while gaming. The interactions that she has with her older brother are hilarious, as he doesn't’t understand how she could be so different at home and in public, and he always has to deal with the messes that she creates.


One Punch Man

The world is overrun with unusual villains that create a new disaster every day. After facing-off with a villain, Saitama decides that he wants to become a superhero...for fun. He trains to the point where he becomes undefeatable, as he takes out all his enemies with just one punch (hence the "One Punch Man" title). You would think that after all the disasters that he's prevented, he would be famous, right?

Unfortunately, he learns that no one knows who he is, so he joins an organization that ranks superheros from C-Class (the worst) to S-Class (the best) so that he will gain recognition from his heroics. This show is hilarious because both the villains and the heroes are ridiculous in regards to names, appearances, and powers. Saitama is also unfazed by everything, no matter how extraordinary, so it's comical to see his deadpan face as he effortlessly defeats any bad-guy that comes his way. 


Tanaka-kun is Always Listless

There are many people who would like nothing more than to sleep all day instead of doing...well...anything else. Tanaka, the titular character of "Tanaka-kun is Always Listless," takes laziness to a whole new level. Tanaka is lethargic all the time and continually finds ways to hone his laziness skills in everyday life. He relies heavily on his best friend, Ohta, to carry him around because he's too tired and weak to walk. Tanaka's laziness abilities even gains him a follower, a very small and energetic girl who wants to emulate Tanaka's laziness and apathy.

The irony of Tanaka putting in so much effort to be lazy makes for a good laugh, and this show utilizes awkward silences to add humor as a result of Tanaka's strange behavior. The amount of admiration that he gets from his peers is also quite humorous, as they recognize the hard work that he puts into not working hard. 



Noucome, short for the super-long title "My Mental Choices are Completely Interfering with my School Romantic Comedy," is about a high school boy named Kanade who has a very unusual curse put upon him. Basically, a divine voice gives him a choice of actions to take at that moment. If Kanade doesn't do one of the tasks that the voice tells him to do, he suffers from excruciating pain.

The curse sounds like it'd be easy to deal with, just do what the divine entity says, right? Except that Kanade has this happen to him in the most inopportune moments, and the choices he is given are all extremely inappropriate or embarrassing. One day he has an opportunity to get  rid of the curse for good by accomplishing different (and seemingly impossible) tasks assigned to him by the god that cursed him. With the help of a girl that falls from the sky (because anime, am I right?), Kanade works to get rid of the curse that has ruined his life. 


Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun

In "Monthly Girl's Nozaki-kun," the main character Sakura has a crush on Nozaki, and plans on confessing to him after school. But being a comedy anime, that of course does not go as expected. Nozaki confuses her confession of love for a devoted fan, as this very tall and stoic high school boy is secretly the author of a very popular series of shoujo manga ("shoujo" is a genre of Japanese comics who have a target audience of teenage girls).After her failed confession, Nozaki takes on Sakura as an artist to help out with his comics.

Throughout the show, you wonder how in the world Nozaki could write romantic comics, as he is completely oblivious to love in the real world and is comically ignorant of Sakura having feelings for him.

There you have it: five anime to chuckle at. Now get watching!