Hero Killer: 1d4's winner of best dressed at Youmacon

This is the best cosplay at Youmacon according to your votes!

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We tallied up your votes and we have a winner! Well, the computer actually did all the work, but let's just pretend that we're hard at work over here.

*Editor's note: Hah! I knew it!

James Callaghan has been voted as 1d4's Best Dressed at Youmacon! He cosplayed as Hero Killer Stain from "My Hero Academia."

Find out more about our winner and the process he used to recreate Hero Killer Stain, and get a glimpse at some of his other cosplay!

How long did it take to make your Hero Killer Stain cosplay?
This was actually a quick build. Only two weeks.

What was the process in creating your cosplay?
I visualize the entire process from start to completion in my head before I buy my first item. I always make the hardest part of the cosplay first, because if I can't pull that off then there is no point in doing the rest. With my Hero Killer Stain Cosplay that was the scarf and bandana. I wanted it to look like the wind was always blowing around me, so I glued floral wire between two pieces of fabric, cut in the rips, and bent it to shape. The vest, knee pads, and boot armor were made from EVA and craft foam.

Hero Killer Stain and Guile from "Street Fighter" doing the "Predator" greeting!

Why did you choose to cosplay Hero Killer Stain?
As with all the characters, I look for one that is easily recognized by the masses, a character that hasn't been overdone (sorry Deadpool and Harley Quinn), and one I can easily identify with (usually a villain or dark character.)

Out of all your cosplays, which one is your favorite?
My favorite has got to be the one I put the most work in to, and am the most proud of. It took me six months to bring my Gladiator Hulk to life. Everything is handmade, from the 16” lifts, the arm extensions, the body made of upholstery foam, and all the armor and leather made from EVA foam. I stand a massive 8’2” in that cosplay.

What cosplays do you want to do in the future?
Since I lost a lot of weight over this past year I want to go light for a year and showcase characters that I resemble. This year I'll be trying to do different characters that Dwayne ”The Rock” Johnson has portrayed (Jumanji, Hercules, Scorpion King, Central Intelligence, and SNL's Bambi). I will be teaching myself how to sew. By 2020 I want to dive back into some larger projects and use more electronics and LED’s. Possibly going to do Apocalypse and Archangel with fully functional wings. I try to learn a new skill with each cosplay.

Callaghan and friends cosplaying from Ginyu Force from "Dragon Ball Z." Callaghan created all the costumes.
*Editor's note: RECOOOME ERASER GUN!

What advice do you have for other cosplayers?
If you are passionate about a character you, can cosplay that character no matter what your body type, skin color, skill level, or age. I did not start cosplaying until my son asked me to make him a costume for a local con when he was a senior in high school. I was over 40 at that point. Six years have passed and now I'm more addicted than when I started, and everything I've learned has come from watching YouTube videos.


Callaghan and his son on the left, Callaghan and his wife on the right. 

If you want to check out more of Callaghan's creations, check out his Instagram page! Congratulations!