A look back at the highlights of 2019

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(In the interest of beating all other media sites to the story, we are launching our look back at 2019 now.)

It's been a crazy 96 hours, and the good people at 1d4 want to fondly look back over the year they've had.


"I discovered that CrunchyRoll has the entire "Dragon Ball Super" Universe Survival saga available online. I then proceeded to watch it all. Now I know that "nani" means "what," "oniisan" means "older sister," and "kyyYYYYYYAAAAH!" is what you shout when you're pushing yourself past your limits to defend the universe from doom.

At this rate I predict that I will be fluent in Japanese by the end of the Broly saga. Definitely the high point of the entire four days of 2019 ." - Jake, 1d4 producer and man about town.


"On Tuesday I watched college football. It was Penn State vs Kentucky, Ohio vs Washington and Georgia vs Texas. It was fun. There you go." - High school sports reporter, Corrie Colf. Verbatim.


"That one video of a squirrel eating a... what is it? Like a spring roll but squirrel sized? Egg roll! That one video of a squirrel eating an egg roll. Best moment of 2019, for sure." - Brandon, 1d4 producer



"Detroit City FC just got a new head coach, and he actually has a really interesting portfolio. Technically that was on Dec. 29 but I have been enjoying it recently. Oh! And the brothers McElroy declared 2019 to be 'Frankenstein-teen: become a monster!'

So, I'm pretty into that." - Paul, 1d4 producer