Jack White attended baseball game, left to play concert, then returned to finish watching game

Now that's a baseball fan

(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

If there's one thing former White Stripes frontman Jack White loves more than rock music it's baseball, and he proved that last weekend while attending a Nationals game in Washington, D.C. 

White was spotted early on during the game, but he left after three innings because he was in town for a concert with his band, The Raconteurs, at a venue that is only a few miles away from the baseball stadium. 

The baseball gods must have been on White's side, because the game went deep into the night with extra innings, so White returned to the game with his band after the show to see the game out. Now that is a true baseball fan.

FOX reporter Ken Rosenthal noticed White's return to the stadium when cameras showed him back in his seat during the 14th inning. 


It's a mystery how White found out the game was still going on (maybe the MLB app told him?), or how he and his bandmates even gained re-entry to the stadium, but it does look like White had the best night of his life.  

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