Friday Finds: New music to check out – Oct. 18, 2019

Happy Friday!

5 songs we have on repeat this week:

Loser -- Moby Rich

Los Angeles duo Moby Rich released their single "Loser" from the "Jay and Silent Bob Reboot" motion picture soundtrack.

"Tell me, is it obvious? / That I don't act like the rest of you? / Is it filtered confidence / That I'm stringing all my choices through."

The band said the song is an anthem for losers, misfits and outsiders. So, if you've ever felt out of place, you might vibe with this song. It's simple, catchy and flows smoothly from beginning to end.

"Loser is out now! this an anthem for all the losers (us included) the misfits and the outsiders, those that feel different and out of place. remember, no one is remembered for just blending in. so let's keep it weird," they said on social media.

They're on tour now, supporting Matt Maeson.

If you like "Loser," here are some other songs by Moby Rich worth checking out:

Yoko OnoSabotageBlinkSay It Ain't So | Oil Spill |

Where I Belong -- Simple Plan and State Champs feat. We The Kings

Simple Plan, State Champs and We The Kings teamed up for a positive, upbeat pop-punk collaboration.

The bands are heading out on tour together later this month.

The track captures the essence of all three bands in an energetic, optimistic way.

"I found a reason / And suddenly I'm not so alone / I'm finally breathing / Like I never could on my own / Start the countdown, let's get it on / Scream our lungs out to our favorite song / 'Cause this is where I belong."

If you like "Where I Belong," here are some other songs by Simple Plan, State Champs and We The Kings worth checking out:

Welcome To My Life | All You Are Is History | Check Yes, Juliet | Perfect | Secrets |

Younger Nights -- Stolen Jars

"Light bounces back from everything," that's how Stolen Jars begins to describe its third LP, "A Reminder" on which "Younger Nights" is the fifth track. The LP is a reminder that "feelings never disappear -- they refract, bounce back, return as part of a new whole."

Stolen Jars began as a high-school bedroom project in Montclair, New Jersey and now the band has found a place in the Brooklyn indie rock scene.

"A Reminder" is a "detailed meditation on love, loss, and healing," according to the band's website. "(The songs) mourn loss and celebrate refraction — the way that people remain even after they've faded from presence."

"Younger Nights" slides in easily with the other songs on the LP, and has a spark to it that captures emotion in a certain light. If you like "Younger Nights" you can listen to the entire LP here.

If you like "Younger Nights," here are some other songs by Stolen Jars worth checking out:

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Tequila Does -- Miranda Lambert

Country crooner Miranda Lambert's newest track compares the love of men to the buzz she gets from tequila, singing about how they can't love her like the booze does.

She may not have a man, but she's got tequila, so it's all good.

"I might as well face it/ I'm always chasin' / A kiss with a twist of a lime / When I'm drinking doubles / I'm nothing but trouble / And trouble's so easy to find / Hand me a sombrero / 'Cause Jose Cuervo / Is taking me home tonight."

Lambert's new album, "Wildcard," is due out Nov. 1.

If you like "Tequila Does," here are some other songs by Miranda Lambert worth checking out:

Mama's Broken Heart | It All Comes Out in the Wash | Bluebird | The House That Built Me | Somethin' Bad |

One Little Lie -- Simple Creatures

Simple Creatures is a new wave/synthpop duo that was formed by Mark Hoppus of Blink-182 and Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low.

The duo released their first EP, "Strange Love" on March 29 and their second EP, "Everything Opposite" on Oct. 11.

The song, "One Little Lie" is a play on self-deception, and the lies we tell ourselves to convince us to keep pushing forward even when on the verge of a breakdown.

"I live on the dark side, so pull the shades tight / Don't shine that light in my eyes / I'm so jealous and inspired / It's like I'm always wired to a time bomb"

While the song has an upbeat tone, it has lyrics that seem to dig into the heart of depression and  touch on the struggles that come with trying to numb that pain.

"If I tell myself one little lie then I think that I'll be alright / I tell myself one little lie / My head gets heavy every day like it's filled with rocks and memories / I tell myself one little lie and the pain don't phase me"

If you like "One Little Lie" here are some other songs by Simple Creatures worth checking out:

Thanks, I Hate ItDrugAdrenalineEther | Special |

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