Some facts about Rage Against the Machine’s ‘The Battle of Los Angeles’ as album turns 20

Several publications named album best of 1999

Rage Against the Machine's highly regarded "The Battle of Los Angeles" turns 20 next month.

The album dropped Nov. 2, 1999.

Other albums celebrating milestones in 2019:

Here's some facts about the band's third studio album:

1) The album was released on Election Day.

The band has often been political, and the release of "The Battle of Los Angeles" was no different.

When asked about the timing of the album's release, guitarist Tom Morello said, "There are no coincidences or accidents in this business."

2) Numerous publications named it the best record of the year.

Both Time and Rolling Stone named the album the best record of 1999.

It was also mentioned on other lists naming some of the best albums.

3) It is certified 2x Platinum.

The Recording Industry Association of America has certified the album 2x Platinum. It sold 420,000 copies in its first week.

4) "The Battle of Los Angeles" topped the Billboard 200 chart.

The album jumped to the top of the Billboard 200 chart when it dropped.

5) The album won the band one Grammy.

Rage Against the Machine won a Grammy for the track "Guerrilla Radio" in the Best Hard Rock Performance at the 2000 Grammy Awards.

The album was nominated as Best Rock Album but did not win.

6) The video for "Guerilla Radio" encouraged activism against sweatshops.

Morello said the music video for "Guerilla Radio" included sweatshop workers in Los Angeles.

The video led to an influx of interest in taking a stand against sweatshops.

"Since their CD came out, we've been inundated with e-mails from young people interested in making sure the clothes they're buying are sweatshop-free and wanting to know how they can get involved in the Stop Sweatshops campaign," said Jo-Ann Mort, who was the director of communications for the Union of Needletrades Industrial and Textile Employees, according to the Washington Post.

7) Songs from the album were used in several video games.

"Testify" and "Guerrilla Radio" were in "Rock Band 2."

"Guerrilla Radio" was also used in "Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2." An edited version of the song also appeared on "Madden NFL 10."

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