Friday Finds: New music to check out – Jan. 3, 2020


DETROIT – Here’s some new music to get your weekend started.

5 songs we have on repeat this week:

Camouflage -- The Front Bottoms

Indie band The Front Bottoms released “Camouflage," a new song that’s in line with their usual style of music.

“Our new single ‘Camouflage’ is out today. It feels amazing to share new music with all of you, thanks for your patience,” the band said on Facebook.

“I gotta make a commitment / And it’s stressing me out / One I’m gonna have to live with / ’Til I’m under the ground / And I will save it for my deathbed / Like I’m reading a vow / Or a police report / Feels like a poem somehow”

The band hasn’t released an album since 2017′s “Going Grey," but they are expected to release a new album this year.

“Louder but I think I like it / Fruit from the profane communion / Who knew I would even try it? / Now I wear camouflage to blend in”

If you like "Camouflage," here are some other songs worth by The Front Bottoms worth checking out:

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No One’s Gonna Ever Love U -- Delacey

If you need a revenge song, here ya go.

Delacey’s “No One’s Gonna Ever Love U” is full of ill wishes for someone who hurt her. It’s dark and negative, yet it’s relatable, especially if you’ve recently been through heartbreak or are working on moving on from the past.

“Tell me what it feels like to hate me / And why you so angry / When you’re the one who turned into another cliche / Losing me’s a mistake / You know more than me”

Delacey will be at The Fillmore in Detroit on April 11.

If you like "No One’s Gonna Ever Love U," here are some other songs by Delacey worth checking out:

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Wrong Direction -- Hailee Steinfeld

Hailee Steinfeld released an emotional song that addresses past relationships that ended badly.

The music and Steinfeld’s voice are gentle, moving through the lyrics with intense emotional impact.

“Loved me with your worst intentions / Didn’t even stop to question / Every time you burned me down / Don’t know how; for a moment it felt like heaven / Loved me with your worst intentions / Painted us a happy ending / Every time you burned me down / Don’t know how; for a moment it felt like heaven”

If you like "Wrong Direction," here are some other songs by Hailee Steinfeld worth checking out:

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¿ -- Bring Me the Horizon feat. Halsey

Halsey’s lyrics complement Bring Me the Horizon’s instrumentals on a recently released collaboration.

The singer describes trying to move on from a relationship as a genre-spanning beat plays. It has an EDM sound mixed in with pop and some hints of rock.

“Breathe, cold, another bad dream / Got mud on my face that I can’t get clean / Feel whole, but I rip at the seams / If I can’t get you away from me / Taking showers every hour and I choke on steam”

It’s a unique collab. It wasn’t what I was expecting, but it’s a good one.

Bring Me the Horizon dropped an EP, “Music to Listen To…” last week.

If you like "¿," here are some other songs by BMTH and Halsey worth checking out:

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I Can Hardly Speak -- Bombay Bicycle Club

Bombay Bicycle Club released a dreamy new song called “I Can Hardly Speak.”

“I got that ego, what do I know? / When I can hardly see / Fall away now, on my way down / It’s all I know and I can hardly speak”

The band said the song was one of the first to be written for their upcoming album, “Everything Else Has Gone Wrong." It was written while they were touring in 2014.

“We only rediscovered the demo this year when the album was nearly finished. The song is self-explanatory, it’s a song about struggling to express yourself with words and being an introvert,” the band said on Facebook.

The band’s new album” is expected to be released on Jan. 17.

If you like "I Can Hardly Speak," here are some other songs by Bombay Bicycle Club worth checking out:

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Other songs to check out:

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