These 7 Disney villain deaths are oddly the most satisfying and savage of all time

We hate to see them leave, but love to watch them go

Top 7 Disney Deaths
Top 7 Disney Deaths (Walt Disney Animation Studios)

Besides the magic and music that Disney Studios has created, one of the best things that has made Disney movies great is the multitude of fantastic villains the studio has crafted over the years.

One thing that comes from having an exceptional villain is the relief moviegoers feel when that foe is defeated.

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Well, Disney has a plethora of ways to rid the characters of their evildoers -- some more gruesome than others.

While the character’s death is very rarely shown, we let our imaginations run wild with what might have happened.

We’re going over seven Disney villain deaths that we think are the worst, and we want you to choose which one you think tops them all.

Let’s dive in.