Talking Film: 4 Michigan, By Michigan -- ‘Crow’

‘I didn’t want to set this film in any other place except Detroit,’ EP says

"CROW" is a nonprofit fan-film inspired by "The Crow" movie and comics franchise.
"CROW" is a nonprofit fan-film inspired by "The Crow" movie and comics franchise.

DETROIT – “'The Crow' was always a favorite film of mine,” said executive producer and star Justin Mane. “It wasn’t like your typical horror film -- there were so many different elements to it.”

“The Crow” was created by Detroit-native James O’Barr. First published in 1989, the comic series became an underground success and was then adapted by director Alex Proyas into a 1994 film of the same name. “The Crow” was actor and martial artist Brandon Lee’s final film after a prop gun mistakenly fired on set, fatally striking Lee in the stomach. The movie used footage of Lee from previously filmed scenes, Lee’s stunt-double and at-the-time cutting edge CGI to finish production.

Taking place in Detroit on Devil’s Night, the original movie follows Eric Draven, a musician brought back from the dead who seeks vengeance on those that killed him and his fiancee.

Inspired by the series, a group of Metro Detroit film makers came together to make “Crow,” a project to pay homage to the franchise. The fan-film follows Dean Summers as he searches for answers and the men who left him to die.

“A big thing I really wanted to accomplish was featuring local filmmakers that had the passion to really do as best as they could,” Mane said.

Local 4 sat down with cast and crew who worked on the fan-film to see what makes Detroit and “The Crow” important to them and how COVID-19 impacted production.

You can see the full interview in the video player above.

While not involved in the project, O’Barr reached out to the filmmakers and gave them his blessing on it.

You can watch the teaser trailer here.

More information on “Crow” can be found on the project’s official website, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages.