Review: Blue Man Group transforms Fox Theatre into an electrifying palette of curiosity

The Blue Man Group returns to Detroit with a brand new show at the Fox Theatre through April 24th.

Blue Man Group embark on a new North American tour. (Evan Zimmerman for MurphyMade, 2022)

DETROIT – From the moment you walk into the Fox Theatre in Downtown Detroit, you already know you’re in for something special. Lights roam the almost 100-year-old palace while otherworldly noises buzz and hiss. On the stage is a mechanical smorgasbord of screens, speakers and wires, as if stuck inside of the motherboard of a desktop computer, a stark contrast to the rich and intricate golden features of the Fox.

The lights dim and a peculiar and alien-like man appears on the set. He hits a colored wall that starts a beat. Two other mysterious men in blue suddenly appear hitting more set pieces that create a riveting rhythm, thus setting off the music of our 90-minute journey.

This traveling troupe of blue and bald men have been entertaining audiences around the world for 30 some years. Yet this production feels fresh, modern and is still a genuinely captivating spectacle. New acts have been added to this particular tour touting a slogan of “still blue, but the rest is new.”

Blue Man Group embarks on a new North American tour. (Mike Nitzel Photography)

The fast-paced intermission-less show seamlessly integrates music and technology with the theatrics of Cirque du Soleil, who happens to own the Group. Screens on the stage are used both as background supplements to the action on stage as well as live video capturing audience interactions.

Speaking of audience interaction, be prepared for plenty of it. If there’s anything that the Blue Man Group excels at, it’s being able to respond to whatever the audience gives them. This includes moments that aren’t necessarily “scripted” into the show. Random hollers and cheering from the audience will elicit curious reactions from the actors.

Each of the Blue Men are seasoned vets, all of them have performed in different iterations of the show around the world for years. Not only are they actors, but they are musicians, athletes, comedians and improvisers, able to handle unpredictable audience interactions and keeping the audience engaged throughout the entire show without saying a single word. A herculean feat.

Blue Man Group Speechless (©2019 Joan Marcus)

You will find everything that the Blue Man Group is known for in this production. Unique one-of-a-kind instruments, bright spritzes of color and plenty of humor keep the show going briskly. The live music played by both the Group and an on-stage band bring out the energy of the production, while the synchronicity of the lighting, sound and video effects create a magical atmosphere filled with fun and creative visuals.

For a group that has been around as long as I have been alive, the show does not show its age. Every moment is just as exciting as the next and you never know what’s going to happen next. This thrilling adventure is plenty of fun for the whole family and while the Blue Man Group might not be speaking, they’ll give you plenty to talk about.

Blue Man Group plays at the Fox Theatre now through Sunday, April 24th. Tickets start at $25. For showtimes and tickets visit

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