Blast from the past: Photos of Jeff Beck rocking at Detroit’s Grande Ballroom

Jeff Beck at the Grande Ballroom (Russ Gibb)

DETROIT – When the name Jeff Beck comes up in conversation, it’s not typical for an average person to think of the ties the famous guitarist has with Detroit rock city.

Beck, not to be confused with the “I’m a loser baby, so why don’t you save me” Beck, has shown off his skills for decades and influenced a lot of musicians here in Detroit.

With performances at the Grande Ballroom, Beck has been in bands with artists like Rod Stewart -- when Stewart was barely old enough to drink. From there, Beck has worked with musicians such as Robert Plant, Buddy Guy, Mick Jagger and even actor Johnny Depp.

Some of you may remember seeing Beck in the 60s at the Grande or even in the 80s with Stevie Ray Vaughn at Cobo Arena. My dad said that was easily one of the best shows that he has ever attended.

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Jeff Beck at the Grande Ballroom

The Jeff Beck Group had some very talented musicians within the band such as Rod Steward, Ronnie Wood, Clem Cattini ... to name a few.

The Grande Ballroom was a special place for these young musicians to get the experience they needed before showing the world their talent and changing the rock n roll industry in one way or another.

The Grande Ballroom’s building still stands at the corner of Grand River Avenue and Joy Road. The music venue opened on Oct. 7, 1966, and the owner Russ Gibb had about 60 people that showed up to see the Chosen Few and the MC5, according to Historic Detroit.

From there the venue hosted bands such as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Byrds and the Steve Miller Band.

According to Historic Detroit, the venue closed on New Year’s Eve in 1972.

Below are a few photos from “the good ole days of rock n roll” of a young Beck rocking the Motor City.

Jeff Beck/Jeff Beck Group (Ray Berch)
Jeff Beck at the Grande Ballroom (Russ Gibb)
Jeff Beck at the Grande Ballroom (Russ Gibb)
Jeff Beck at the Grande Ballroom (Russ Gibb)
Jeff Beck at the Grande Ballroom (Russ Gibb)
Jeff Beck at the Grande Ballroom (Russ Gibb)

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Below is a set list of the Jeff Beck Group on Nov. 3, 1968.