Spike leaves Mojo in the Morning after over 2 decades on Detroit radio

Radio personality announced exit on Monday

Radio Spike // Facebook (Radio Spike)

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. – After 23 years, Spike from the Mojo in the Morning iHeart radio show has announced his departure.

The radio personality posted on his Facebook page that he is no longer with the Detroit-based iHeart morning show. Mojo in the Morning started in 2000, and for as long as the show has been around, Spike has been a voice on it.

“For more than 23 years, it has been a dream come true to entertain you. I never took it for granted,” stated Spike in his departure announcement.

Help Me Hank and Spike during 2022 Help Me Hank’s Toys for Tots drive (WDIV Local 4)

The radio personality stated that he couldn’t at this time answer any questions regarding why he left. The iHeart morning show did not post anything on social media as of Monday afternoon but acknowledged Spike no longer being a part of the show at the beginning of their morning show on Monday.

“We are in a situation of a change that has happened on the Mojo in the Morning Show,” Mojo said this morning during the 6 a.m. hour. “Spike is no longer on the Mojo in the Morning Show. And for over 23 years, Spike has been an integral part of this radio program. It was over 23 years ago that I was introduced to him by our then program director Tim Richards, who, when I was trying to piece together this show and look for people to join the show from all over the country, he said, ‘I think we have someone that is great here in town and is available and capable of doing this.’ That’s when he introduced me to Spike.”

Radio Spike // Facebook (Radio Spike)

You can listen to the rest of what Mojo and Shannon had to say on Monday’s show here.

Spike, Shannon and Mojo have participated in various bits on not just Detroit’s airwaves but on radios nationwide. From “Phone Scams” to “Street Scams,” it hasn’t been determined who will be scamming listeners on 95.5 in the future.

Mojo in the Morning is considered the longest-running American morning radio talk show that airs on weekdays.

Radio Spike // Facebook (Radio Spike)

You can view Spike’s announcement below: