Friday Finds: New music to check out – May 24, 2019

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DETROIT - Happy Friday!

5 songs we have on repeat this week:

Nightmare -- Halsey

The singer/songwriter's first solo single of 2019 dropped last Friday, and it is an instant hit.

Halsey is using her powerful voice to send a message to the women of the world about their strength. This comes at a time when a conversation over women's rights continues to rage on.

The powerful piece just begs women to sing -- or scream -- along with the music. It's a hit that will get your blood pumping and your fists in the air, especially with lines like, "I don't owe you a goddamn thing!"

"imagine getting onstage every night and seeing young women sweating mascara tears, lightning in their eyes, throwing elbows and raising fists, screaming till the veins in their necks raise under warm skin, and not being inspired by it. this song is about you, for you," Halsey tweeted.

The song doesn't distance itself from vulnerability. At one point, the lyrics open up to some of the consequences of the constant societal eye on women and how it lead to moments of self-loathing.

"Broke down and put myself back together again / Stared in the mirror and punched it to shatters / Collected the pieces and picked out a dagger / I've pinched my skin in between my two fingers / And wished I could cut some parts off with some scissors"

Another line plays on the common experience women share of being asked or even told to smile, an act that is often seen as offensive.

"'Come on, little lady, give us a smile' / No, I ain't got nothin' to smile about / I got no one to smile for, I waited a while for / A moment to say I don't owe you a goddamn thing"

Halsey is back with new music. And she's crushing it.

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We Were -- Keith Urban

In the slower-tempo “We Were,” Keith Urban reflects on young love that changed him.

Urban runs through the memories, how he misses those youthful moments and how there is “a little bit of the sweet in the bitter” because, despite the relationship not lasting, it’s part of who he is.

It could be taken as a sad track, but it also tells a story of happiness and free, adventurous love.
Urban told Wide Open Country: “I like the idea that life just happens. At some point, whether in the moment or not, you just gotta go with it.”

“We were leather jackets hangin’ onto a Harley / Two heartbeats in the moonlight / We were both feet hangin' out over the edge / Of the water tower skyline.”

Country star Eric Church co-wrote the song.

Urban will headline the Faster Horses music festival July 19-21 in Brooklyn, Michigan.

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Life in the City -- The Lumineers

The Lumineers have released the first three videos of a 10-part series that goes along with their upcoming concept album "III," which is expected to be released Sept. 13.

The series focuses on the life of the fictional Sparks family, and "Life in the City" is part two. There are links to parts one and three below. The LP will consist of three chapters, each its own EP, and each will focus on a different character across different generations in the fictional family.

Gloria's battle with alcoholism is highlighted in part three with scenes that show her drinking heavily. She fights and makes up with her husband repeatedly, the cycle similiar to that of addiction.

"Gloria is an addict. Her character was inspired by a member of my family, and no amount of love or resources could save her.  She’s now been homeless for over a year.  Loving an addict is like standing among the crashing waves, trying to bend the will of the sea," Wesley Schultz tweeted.

The band is expected to release videos for every song in each chapter to complete a full visual album.

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Won’t Let You Go -- FRENSHIP (feat. Bastille)

Electro-pop pair FRENSHIP collaborated with Bastille for “Won’t Let You Go,” a track off their debut album, “Vacation.”

“Vacation” dropped May 17.

The song is a simple promise to, as the title says, not let someone go. It’s an upbeat, catchy, poppy love song that leaves you feeling good. While the lyrics aren’t incredibly complex, the track is layered and blends a variety of beats to create something that doesn’t get boring, even when played on repeat, over and over and over.

“I don't wanna lose you, never give up / Not gonna leave when the going gets tough.”

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I Found U -- Passion Pit & Galantis

Passion Pit worked with Swedish electronic dance music duo to create the new single "I Found U." It's a vivid and lively song, a solid summer jam.

"An enormous hug and thank you to Christian and Linus of @wearegalantis. Seriously, I had so much fun working on this track with them. Hope you enjoy it!" Passion Pit tweeted.

"Life was fleeting, then I found you (found you) / Now I'm feeling (better), now I'm feeling so / Life was fleeting, then I found you (found you) / And now I'm feeling (better), now I'm feeling so (good)"

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Other songs to check out:

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